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R4 Ladder 3.0: 

Our NEWLY designed R4 Stealth Ladder 3.0 with a slip resistant matte black finish : 5TH GEN Toyota Rav4
2019+  (Total weight of ladder 15Lbs) 
The R4 Ladder 3.0 is a whole new design from our previous 1.0 and 2.0 design. Improvements to the mounting brackets, flexibility for adjustments of the  ladder steps , and easier solutions to mount some of your favorite offroad gear, from Rotopax to mini shovel's, the possibilities are endless. 'The Ladder comes in two styles, Bare steel or Powder coated.'  
Install video's up on our YouTube channel 
Rear Hatch Door Struts
In most cases the rear hatch struts do not have any issues with the weight of the Ladder, but on some RARE occasions we have seen weaker struts on the Rav4 which limits the hatch from opening all the way. We have sold tons of ladders and only have seen this happen 2 times.
RNOFIT Fabrication is NOT responsible for your vehicle needing stronger struts, so if you are concerned, please do your research before purchasing
 TERMS: We're not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by our products. By purchasing our products you agree to these terms. 35% Re-stocking fee for any returned or canceled orders

Powder Coated R4 Ladder

Powder Coated

Bare Steel R4 Ladder